Our Rentals are Moving Pretty Quickly.

I am seeing renters finally moving around a bit. After the crash of 2007, when we had to go to court over multiple evictions, we saw people unable to move. They may have been afraid they would not be re-approved for a new place, due to income loss. Now, we have several folks moving out, and several moving in. Cherie’s keeping everything fully occupied! Call us if you need property management, or chat about buying investment properties. 913-485-2620.

Two Prairie Village homes sold in ONE day on the market!

Both homes were in perfect condition. We pay a stager, a professional….not just my Aunt Jane….to view our listings and help our sellers get top dollar. As you can see…it works!

Homes are Selling Slowly But Surely!

Are prices up yet….well, sort of! If a home didn’t sell last year, and does this year, it is kind of a uptick. The numbers of homes for sale have dropped, the number of buyers is up….this should lead to a halt in price drops.

What this means: rates near 4% are great for buyers, so it seems like they should act now. This includes folks who MUST sell a hme to buy.

Check out our sale guarantees and text or call us!

Rentals in NE Johnson County

Are hard to find at a good price…yet home prices are so frequently und $100,000. If you do fHA you could have parents gift money, co-sign etc. $450 house payments are SO great!

If Your Home Didn’t Sell Last Year….

Call or text me for a free appraisal….913-485-2620. You might be able to sell it this year. We had 2 so far that we couldn’t sell fall of 2011….both under contract now. Inventory Waaaay down!

Can you say Multiple Offers!

Since our inventory is so low, we are finding the good houses are getting more than one offer. Not necessarily at or near full price, but action, nonetheless. If you want a free, on-line appraisal or opinion of your value range, call or email me. Text: 913-485-2620.

What a Day!

We saw homes from 188th and Mission to College and Metcalf! There are just no homes coming on the market! Is it shifting to a buyer market in Johnson County?

You need More than just a great website to get people to find ou!

Good article at the link below!



Are we at the BOTTOM of the Market Yet?

Who knows…! It seems like we have been in a bidding war on Johnson County foreclosure properties. It also seems like less homes are coming on the market: maybe sellers have decided just to stay? But we may be at the “perfect storm” of low interest rates and the bottom of the prices. So….do you want to stay in one place for 5 years? IF so…buy a house!

Hurry before the end of the year!

Many banks with pre-approved short sales want to close out their books in the next few weeks. If you see a short sale…make ANY offer on it–If the bank doesn’t like it, they will counter.

We have sold a $114,000 house (loan) for $65,000….a $120,000 loan for $75,000 and a $420,000 for $330,000. You never know what the short sale departments will do.